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The Blue Lizard Band was established in 2009, but the players in this band have been around the Seattle area music scene for some time. Most recently, the core of the band played in Seven Times Blue, and formed the Blue Lizard Band out of a desire to create a lean, tight sound with the bare bones instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums. Check the gig listings and come on out to support local live music with Blue Liz, and rock out to some great classic rock hits and familiar blues standards.

Dave Brumbaugh started playing guitar in 1966, and found his passion for music right away. Dave played in a few rock bands during his high school and college years including the New Flamingos, and recently, Seven Times Blue. Dave has been very active in music ministry at his church, and when he's not playing with Blue Liz, he's working with his worship band, Radiance. In addition to guitar, Dave is proficient on the bass guitar, mandolin, has dabbled with the hammer dulcimer, and is also the composer of the band's original songs. The Blue Lizard Band is a great fit for his talent and love of music.

John Cannon started playing the drums in 1968 at the age of 21.  He picked up percussion again in ’02 and currently plays for 2 other bands in addition to Blue Lizard. Self taught and a natural, Johnny keeps the beat as steady as they come. Technically incorrect with a maverick style, he paints Blue Lizard's music with flair and emotion. John is an artist and an architect.

Scott Flood rounds out the band by keeping the bass notes tight and the rhythm section on task. An active musician in several bands, Scott's talent on the bass guitar is inspiring, and gives the rest of us a great foundation to build upon. Scott's other bands include Way Too Loose and Scramblesuit. One wonders how he has time to do it all. 

Annette Hargett and Alyssa Koonce joined the band in 2012, adding lead and backing vocal support. Their addition brings extra energy to our shows, and has broadened the base of song titles in the Blue Liz library, with songs made popular by Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, and Linda Ronstadt, just to name a few. 

Chuck Hamilton joins the band sharing drum and percussion duties with John. Chuck brings decades of pro experience to Blue Liz, having played in numerous bands including the Lost Highway Band and the Paradise Valley band back in his home state of Montana. Chuck is also the drummer for Compass recording artists the Waybacks, based in San Francisco. We are thrilled to have Chuck join us in Blue Liz!

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